Eastern Oregon University

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Study Room Reservations

Study Room Reservation System:  https://rooms.library.eou.edu/


The library has a mix of study rooms that require reservation before use and rooms that are first-come-first-served. Please note the maximum number of people per room. Masks are required while using study rooms.

Rooms Requiring Reservations

  • Room 015 (2 people) Ground Floor
  • Room 016 (2 people) Ground Floor
  • Room 125 (2 people) Main Floor
  • Room 214 (1 person) Mezzanine
  • Room 215 (1 person) Mezzanine
  • Room 217 (2 people) Mezzanine
First-Come-First-Served Rooms

  • Room 206 (1 person) Mezzanine
  • Room 207 (1 person) Mezzanine
  • Room 208 (1 person) Mezzanine

Use this Study Rooms Map to help you select the room that you want.

Room Reservation Instructions

  1. Go to the study room reservation system https://rooms.library.eou.edu/
  2. You can select the floor you want from the drop down menu in the top center of the page. The rooms will be listed on the left side of the calendar and the times are along the top of the calendar.
  3. Click on the time you would like on the calendar and type “Reserved” in the brief description field. Your EOU Mountie Pass username will be associated with the reservation but will only be viewable by library staff. Click save.
  4. You can reserve up to three hours in the study rooms per day. You will need to make a separate reservation for each hour.
  5. If you need to edit or delete your reservation you can click on the reservation on the calendar and make changes.

For questions or assistance please visit our Ask A Librarian page.