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Ecological Collection

Information About the Collections

The Ecological Collection searchable index is moving to a new home. During this process the index can only be accessed on campus at this link: ECNO INDEX

The collections are based on ecological work conducted by prominent scientists and managers working on the national forests of northeast Oregon. This was organized to highlight the important contributions by pioneers in rangeland sciences (Dr. Arthur Sampson; Dr. Elbert Reid), long-term plant ecologists (Dr.Gerald Strickler; Dr.Charles G. Johnson Jr.) and long-term rangeland managers (Wade Hall; Emory Clapp).

The materials are principally papers in folders that chronicle the long history of land management and scientific studies conducted on the three national forests of this northeast Oregon area (Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests). Also included is a rich series of photography containing over 4000 prints and 10,000 slides that document the changes on the national forest landscape over a century.

It was the hopes of the early scientists and managers above that these materials be preserved beyond their lifetimes and that future generations of scientists, managers, and the general public be able to access this information to understand the past so that they could better improve the lands in the future. Knowing this, they left these collected materials in my possession for safeguarding. It was my intent to seek a place of greater security for these materials that would be both local to the Blue and Wallowa Mountains and in an academic setting where secure archives would provide for safety and public access. To this end I am pleased that Eastern Oregon University has enthusiastically embraced these collections and demonstrated their resolve by securing, cataloging, and filing of the materials and completing the data base to attach to the Web site.

Dr. Charles G. Johnson Jr.
Baker City, Oregon
October 21, 2006

The Collections

Elbert H. “Bert” Reid Collection

Elbert H. Reid

Instructor at University of California (Berkeley) with Arthur Sampson (Father of American Rangeland Management) – 1934.
Range Ecologist and Research Leader at Pacific Northwest Research Station (1937-1948)
Chief, Range and Wildlife Habitat Research (Ft. Collins, CO) (1953-1969).

Contents of the Collection
  • Donated in 1990 just 2 years before his death.
  • Contains letters, papers, publications, and his set of Tenderfoot Basin camera point photography (1938-1988).

Gerald Strickler Collection

Gerald Strickler

First ecologist located in northeast Oregon (Pacific Northwest Range and Wildlife Lab in La Grande

Contents of the Collection
  • Transferred from PNW La Grande Lab after Gerry’s death.
  • Tenderfoot Basin documents and photography (established sampling transects in 1955, 1956).
  • Resurrected Sampson’s 1907-11 plots and camera points at Standley and Sturgill Basins through communications with Sampson (letters from Sampson).
  • Documents of information on green fescue ecology, geography, specific locations, and herbaria records.
  • Letters and documents for future publication on the life of William Cusick (our local pioneer in field botany, 1842-1922).
  • Floral lists from Starkey Experimental Forest and Wallowa Mountains.
  • Photography from his career-long love of plants and plant communities.

Wade Hall Collection

Wade Hall

Long-term rangeland manager on Wallowa-Whitman NF (1926-1972)–46 years! Then provided continuous assistance and counsel for 20 more years in retirement! Instrumental in return of Sampson and Reid to Wallowa Mtns. to relocate and monument their camera points and plot locations.
Key figure in the political outcome of free-flowing Snake River and the ultimate formation of Hells Canyon NRA.
Pioneer in use of 35mm cameras producing many slides of benchmark sites in Hells Canyon, rangelands of the Wallowa-Whitman NF, and following large restoration projects (Flagstaff Hill Watershed Rehab; Anthony Lakes Burn).

Contents of the Collection
  • Papers and letters on Hells Canyon dams and preservation of the free-flowing Snake.
  • Over 2000 prints collected by Wade (taken from 1902-1945) and his over 7000 slides of his own photography from the 1950s through the 1970s chronicling his long career.
  • His leather-bound daily diaries for the 40 years of his Government service!

The Green Fescue Collection

  • The chronologically organized data sheets and photography taken at Tenderfoot Basin (Reid 1938; Strickler and Reid 1956, 1968, 1978; Johnson 1988, 1998, and upcoming in 2008).
  • Data sheets and photography taken at Standley and Sturgill Basins (Sampson 1907-1911; Strickler and Hall 1955, 1976; and Johnson 1983, 1993, 1998, and upcoming in 2008).

The Emory Clapp Collection

A longterm rangeland conservationist for the USFS in Pacific Northwest ending his career on the Malheur NF.
Safeguarded an incredibly valuable group of historic documents and photography.

Contents of the Collection
  • Documents and letters from 1907-1914; the 19202 and 1930s regarding rangeland management on the Malheur NF.
  • Early photographs pertaining to early rangeland administration are priceless!

The Charlie Johnson Collection

Charlie Johnson

First plant ecologist for the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman NF (1977) and spanning the years in that position through 2004 (27 years).

Contents of the Collection
  • Materials in chronological order of the key natural resource events reshaping the USFS from 1979-1998 (i.e. old growth, new forestry, biodiversity, landscape ecology, forest health, restoration, ecosystem management).
  • All formal presentations (professional lectures) made between 1983-2003 (over 70 total).
  • All publications (technical papers, guidebooks, books) produced by the Northeast Area Ecology Program (over 20 total).
  • Field Season records, schedules, memos, letters (1978-2004).
  • Early rare and sensitive plant letters, lists, notes from the infancy of the Oregon state and Federal initiatives (1965 through 2000).
  • Research Natural Area Program (30 years chronicling the proposals, establishments, and fulfillment of needed benchmark plant community sites).
  • Regional Ecology Program History. Letters, reports, meeting notes of Area Ecologists and Regional Ecologist (Portland). A good read of how an organization changes from infancy to maturity over a 20-year period of time.
    • 1970-1989 – a young and growing program (up to 30 ecologists)
    • 1990s – maturing program
    • 2000s – surviving in downsizing times for the USFS
  • Northeast Area Ecology Program
    • The history of events that shaped the accomplishments of the tri-Forest office (1981-2003)
    • Key correspondence internally and externally from the Area Ecologist from 1976 to 1998.