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Policies and Procedures Handbook

Access to/Use of Library Resources: Circulation Policy

I. Access

A. Library use on premises

Walk-in access to the library is available to all.

B. Borrowing

Members of the following groups may borrow EOU library materials:

Patrons must show a valid, current card from a library in one of the above groups to be eligible.

Individuals with the Oregon Passport Card are limited to having a maximum of 10 items at a time, checked out on their Pierce Library account.

Individuals wishing to purchase a Library Town Patron Card may do so as follows:

  • The applicant must present identification containing a current address
  • The applicant must sign an agreement to abide by all Pierce Library regulations and policies, and to accept responsibility for all materials borrowed with the card. Failure to abide by library regulations and policies may result in the loss of library privileges and forfeiture of the Town Patron borrower's card.
  • The applicant must pay $10 per year (high school students excluded). Note that high school students under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian authorization.
C. Interlibrary loan, Summit requests and off campus access

Oregon Passport patrons and Town patrons are not entitled to use or request items from Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit). Town patrons are entitled to make Interlibrary Loan requests and will be charged $15 per item, plus any applicable fees from the lending institution.

Free Interlibrary Loan and Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) services, and off campus access to library databases are available for:

  • All currently registered EOU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Current employees of recognized affiliates (Eastern Promise Instructors, ODFW, OHSU, OSU Ag, NEOAHEC, Regional Solutions,& Sodexo).
  • Retired EOU faculty and staff
  • Former students with approved extensions.

Individuals in these groups should have an EOU ID number and card which allows access to Interlibrary Loan services and to access library materials from off campus.

II. Circulation Loan Periods

A. In house use

The following library materials or collections are designated for in-library use only:

  • Reference materials/Theses
  • Curriculum library collection
  • Periodicals (including Microfiche/Microfilm Periodicals)*
  • Newspapers (including Microfiche/Microfilm Newspapers)*
  • Archive collection
  • Aerial photos
  • Maps

*Although non-circulating, these library materials may be loaned to other libraries through Interlibrary Loan, for use in the borrowing library only.

B. Loan periods

Loan periods for circulating materials are as follows:

Material Type Student/Patron Loan Period Faculty/Staff Loan Period

7 days, with one renewal 7 days, with one renewal, longer with permission
Items on Course Reserve

Varies by reserve type, generally 1hr. to 3 days Special permission check-out only
General collections,Government Documents (including Microfiche)

21 days, with two renewals Faculty and Staff -term by term*
Popular Reading 3-week, no renewal 3-week, no renewal
Summit books 6-week, no renewal 6-week, no renewal
Summit AV materials 6-day, no renewal 6-day, no renewal
Interlibrary Loan Determined by lender Determined by lender

*Faculty may check out books for a full term with two renewals, with one exception: all materials are due back to the library at the end of spring term of the academic year of checkout.

C. Renewals

Materials may be renewed in person at the Circulation Desk, online by accessing your library account, or by telephone at 541-962-3864. To avoid overdue fines, renewal transactions must take place before the item due date. The patron ID number is required in order to renew items.

Requests for Interlibrary Loan renewals must go to the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor at 541-962-3735 or illoans@eou.edu at least four days before the due date.

Summit items – no renewal, no exceptions.

D. Holds

All borrowers are guaranteed the specified loan period. If a hold is placed on an item the current borrower will be unable to renew the item and must return it to the library to avoid overdue fine charges.

II. Circulation Fines

A. Lost or Damaged Library materials

The borrowing library patron is financially responsible for lost, stolen, or severely damaged library materials and/or equipment. Materials cannot be purchased from the library.

Library charges for lost or damaged items are as follows:

  • $75.00 minimum charge (lost item)
  • Charge to be determined (damaged item)
  • A $15.00 non-refundable processing fee will be assessed for each item declared lost/damaged. In addition, the borrowing library patron is also responsible for the replacement cost of each item damaged or not returned, and the amount of the overdue fine incurred prior to the item being reported lost or damaged.
B. Overdue Library Materials

Overdue days are counted from the first day the material becomes overdue to the day the material was returned to the library. Days on which the library is closed are not counted.

To ensure maximum availability of materials, the library collects overdue fines from patrons who do not return materials within the prescribed loan period. The purpose of imposing a fine is to encourage the prompt return of all materials to the library. Patrons receive two overdue notices via email. All patrons with materials which are 21 days overdue receive a final bill for the replacement cost plus processing fee and any accrued overdue fines. Borrowing privileges may be blocked until the debt is fulfilled. The library reserves the right to order a similar work in the subject area as a replacement.

If overdue material is returned and charges have been paid before the library has replaced the item, a refund will be issued for replacement charges. If the material has been billed and not paid, replacement charges will be reversed if the library has not replaced the item. In these cases the accrued overdue fine will not be waived and must be paid.

Overdue Fine charges per item type:

  • $0.50 per hour (materials on hourly reserve)
  • $1.00 per day (materials on daily reserve)
  • $1.00 per day (audiovisual materials: DVD, VHS, CD, etc.)
  • $0.50 per day (all other materials)
  • $20.00 per item (maximum fine*)

*Upon reaching the $20.00 maximum fine the item status becomes ‘lost’ and an additional $15.00 replacement charge will be automatically assessed.

C. Debt collection

All monies owing are collected in the Student Accounts Office. A library patron's borrowing privileges may be suspended until all library obligations are resolved.

Patrons with a history of delinquent borrowing habits from any of the most recent three terms may be limited to having a maximum of five items checked out simultaneously during subsequent terms. This limitation will be in effect until removed by the Circulation Supervisor or Library Director.

Students' grades and transcripts are placed on hold by the Student Accounts Office until obligations are resolved. Library patrons wishing to dispute fines or other library obligations should appeal to the Circulation Supervisor or Library Director.

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