Eastern Oregon University

About Pierce Library

Pierce Library is

the intellectual heart of the college and the community. Pierce Library supports the institutional mission of Eastern Oregon University by providing materials and services for all members of the college community. It supports the regional mission of the college by providing materials and services in connection with institutional outreach programs, through cooperative participation in regional library networks, and by making its collections and services available to the people of eastern Oregon.

The library's collection includes over 153,000 book volumes and 1,300 periodical titles, together with extensive holdings in maps, U.S. government publications, Oregon documents, audio-visuals, and microforms. This all adds up to over 660,000 items to help you with your information needs. In addition, Pierce Library participates in two union catalogs: the Sage Library System, a multi-type library system which is a combined catalog of academic, public, and school libraries in the 10 eastern-most counties of Oregon; and Summit, the Orbis Cascade Alliance of 26 academic libraries in Oregon and Washington.

In addition to general and specialized reference service, the following are examples of other services that are available through the library:

  • Interlibrary loan of materials from other libraries via the OCLC Network
  • Mediated searching available from 5 online computer services
  • An Affiliate Data Center for census information
  • Oregon and federal document depository
  • A Curriculum library, with example textbook materials
  • A very fine Oregon collection