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Citation managers

Citation managers can help you to collect and organize your sources and to produce properly formatted citations and bibliographies when you write your papers. Watch this video for a quick introduction to citation managers and what they do.


Zotero is a free, open source citation manager and more. See the quick start guide for a brief introduction. The three-minute video will show you what Zotero can do.

Zotero on the go

A note about using Zotero on public computers: It's best not to try to use the sync feature on shared computers in the library or in computer labs. First, there's the risk that you'll forget to remove your account information, and someone could tamper with or delete your Zotero library. Second, sync can take a long time, which might leave you sitting there waiting for the Zotero servers just when you need to be on your way. Two alternatives:

  • If you want to gather sources on a public computer where Zotero is installed, like those in the library, use the export feature when you are finished to save your new items to a removable USB drive. Then import those items into your Zotero library on your own computer. Or...
  • If you're a little bit tech-savvy, install Firefox portable on a flash drive and install Zotero to that copy of Firefox. Then you can take Firefox with all your settings, including your Zotero library, wherever you go.